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OEM Spare Parts


Cook Compression is the worldwide leader in the design and production of precision-made piston ring seals and rider rings,as well as engine compression, rider and oil control rings. Cook earned this reputation by working closely with compressor operators and OEM’s, continually responding to their evolving needs with innovative products and materials.

  • Extensive engineering assistance

  • Millions of piston rings and riders supplied for a wide range of industrial, petrochemical and natural gas applications

  • Patented designs, with numerous features available to customize rings for specific conditions

  • Comprehensive material options, including TruTech™ engineered materials

  • Industry-leading quality assurance program

  • Available engine piston compression rider and oil control rings


Cook Compression is an innovator in the design, manufacture and application of a complete selection of compressor valves. From precision-crafted metal plate valves to the latest, high-performance designs with non-metallic internals, we offer solutions for any reciprocating compressor in any type of service.Cook Compression manufactures complete valve assemblies, as well as plates, discs, rings, buttons, poppets,  damper plates, spring plates, leaf springs and other metallic and non-metallic components for any make or model valve.

  • Patented products

  • Valve materials development program

  • Valve analysis, design, upgrades, conversion and reconditioning services

  • Highly qualified engineering staff, including experts with compressor OEM experience

  • Advanced, computerized valve dynamics simulation

  • Sophisticated 3-D CAD modeling

  • Linear and non-linear finite element analysis

  • In-house injection molding

  • Laser profiling and proprietary processes for stress-free metallic plates and discs


Cook Compression offers a wide assortment of packing cases suitable for use at pressures ranging from vacuum to 50,000 psi. Available features include lubrication, venting, purging and cooling. 

  • Material options for all gases and pressure conditions

  • Advanced hyper sealing components

  • Cases for non-lubricated service

  • Vented and buffered cases specially designed for your application to reduce fugitive emissions

  • Custom-engineered packages


Continued development, backed by experienced applications support, results in custom seal ring, pressure breaker and wiper solutions that consistently outperform traditional approaches. A complete selection of materials, from bronze to high-performance non-metallics, dramatically improves durability in the most demanding applications.

  • The broadest line of sealing products

  • More products in more applications than any other sealing products provider

  • High-performance packing for reciprocating pumps

  • High-precision manufacturing

  • In-house injection and compression molding

  • Ongoing materials development, including cooperative programs with renowned universities

  • In-house laboratories and test compressors

  • Extensive engineering and field support


Extensive experience, quality manufacturing processes and complete engineering support make  Cook Compression a valuable resource for compressor pistons and rods.Cook manufactures both single-piece and segmental piston designs in an assortment of sizes, materials and specifications. Cook also provides premium piston rods for all major makes and  models of compressors.

  • Full line of single-piece and segmental pistons

  • FEA performed on all new piston designs

  • Uncoated rods feature induction hardened packing areas

  • Tungsten carbide coatings specific to application requirements

  • All rods feature rolled threads

  • Custom engineering and manufacturing

  • All products meet or exceed manufacturer specifications

  • Extensive experience in serving gas transmission, gathering, processing and refining industries

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