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We are a Taiwanese company specializing in providing total solution packages for special gas compression applications in industries such as Refinery, Petrochemical, LNG, Steel, and Industrial Gas.

We have been in long-term partnerships with some leading global industrial manufacturers, including NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) in Germany, Cook Compression in the USA and UK, and PROGNOST Systems in Germany.

Zungtech is solution and service-oriented, as evidenced by our sales professionals with extensive engineering backgrounds, experienced technicians working together in a dedicated maintenance team, and a well-equipped service center. In addition to offering reciprocating compressor equipment, packaged systems, vibration analysis, and automatic diagnosis systems, we also provide quality OEM parts and reliable maintenance and repair services.

Zungtech has a long history of solving client challenges with responsive, dedicated service, high-quality, comprehensive products, and seasoned technical expertise.

Zungtech's core value and competitiveness


  • Zungtech provides systematic solutions that facilitate a reliable, efficient, and safe manufacturing process.


  • A leader in integrating technology to anticipate and solve customer needs holistically.

  • A leader in delivering technical know-how, responsive service, and customized solutions.

Core Values

  • Customer oriented


  • 3Rs: Responsive, Reliable, and Relational

  • Integrity and Experience

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