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NEA CO2 Compressor

NEA CO2 Compressor Unit Increases EOR



Newly developed Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods increase yields in oil and gas exploration significantly. The most successful method is gas injection. Here, gas is guided into the borehole under high pressure in order to push oil up to the surface. Additionally, the gas is dissolved in the oil and liquefies the raw material.

An American oil and natural gas producer was looking for a compressor solution in an EOR application for a gas production unit: 95% CO2 with a suction pressure of only 1 bar, a discharge pressure of up to 140 bar and a design flow rate of almost 30,000 m³/h had to be compressed.

NEA proposed a combination of a screw compressor and a reciprocating compressor based on NEA SAPS concept. This further development proved to be an ideal solution for high-performance applications such as EOR gas injection which save the operator time and money. The novel concept can now also be applied to further EOR applications with CO2 injections, thus improving the exploration of crude oil and natural gas further and increasing its yield.

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