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Cook Compression Introduces COOK CLEAN™ Sealing System to Lower Fugitive Emissions in Reciprocating Compressors

COOK CLEAN™ Sealing System


Cook Compression, a leader in reciprocating compressor products and services introduced the COOK CLEAN sealing system, a next-generation sealing system that helps lower fugitive emissions from packing cases to near zero levels. The COOK CLEAN product portfolio is designed to support customers’ decarbonization goals.

COOK CLEAN 密封系統組件 密封環

Across the energy industry, reciprocating compressors can account for a percentage of continuous emission leakage, with leaks commonly originating from the packing case. Compressor data taken from both controlled R&D environments and machines in the field show that COOK CLEAN sealing system has documented leakage rates below 0.75 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) per throw.

COOK CLEAN sealing systems are designed to help reciprocating compressor owners and operators meet emission regulations, maximize natural gas recovery, increase compressor efficiency and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Components of the COOK CLEAN sealing system include the following advanced technologies:

  • Low-emission, solid ring solutions that help eliminate leak paths.

  • Advanced technologies for purge and vent seals that create a virtually leak-proof environment, reduce frictional heat and extend the service life of the seal rings and packing case.

  • Ultra-smooth packing cup surfaces and spiral wound gasket for a superior seal.

“Many of our customers have ambitious decarbonization goals driven by government regulations or corporate ESG initiatives,” said Juan Moreno, Product Manager at Cook Compression. “We are developing a portfolio of COOK CLEAN products and technology to support these goals, whether it’s reducing methane emissions, transitioning to hydrogen fuel, or optimizing equipment performance to save energy. Cook Compression can be your solution provider along the value chain.”

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