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Zungtech is the exclusive agent for NEAC Compressor Service (South East Asia). Dependent on the requirements, the NEAC service technicians repair or exchange components or provide spare parts. NEAC Compressor Service is the customer service for all NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP reciprocating compressors. With this, NEAC also has access to numerous licenses for former reciprocating compressor product lines. NEAC Compressor Service is officially the only provider and original spare parts supplier for the brands.




  • PPC (PENN Process Compressors) 

  • Linde

  • Esslinger/ GHH

  • Demag

  • MaFa Wurzen

  • Chicago Pneumatic (CP)

  • Halberg

  • KSB

  • Borsig-Berlin reciprocating compressors which were built until the end of 1995

  • E&S (Ehrhardt & Sehmer)

Compressor Parts
The wearing parts determine the availability and reliability of a piston or diaphragm compressor. Normally, valves, membrane, piston and guidance rings as well as piston rod seals must be replaced most frequently. The specialized NEAC Compressor Service for valves and packages reduces maintenance costs and machine dropouts equally, thus enabling greater reliability.

NEAC Compressor Service deals with all the compressor’s peripheral equipment. The service provider supplies spare parts for various compressors components such as gas coolers and safety valves, pumps and heat exchangers, filters and oil filters, fittings, manometers, thermometers, etc.

NEAC Compressor Parts
NEAC Valves, Rings and Packing

Valves, Rings & Packing

Piston and guidance rings, piston rod seals, intermediate seals or oil stripping packing must seal reliably and permanently, also under high pressure and temperature conditions. This is the only way to ensure that no delivery quantity losses or impermissible leakages occur. The NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP has more than 100 years’ experience in the manufacturing and use of compressor seals.

NEAC Brochure_enduro_valve

Valve repairs and valve service

NEAC Compressor Service has a wide-ranging and diverse product portfolio of rings and packing. The company has the fitting solution at its fingertips for every requirements profile and guarantees top reliability and long service life.

NEAC Compressor Service provides decisive advantages for valves and packing:

  • Longer maintenance intervals

  • Shorter machine downtime periods

  • Reduction of the maintenance costs

  • Optional guarantee for valve wear parts

NEAC Ventile Service
NEAC brochure_Rings and Packings
NEAC valve
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