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NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) API 618 ​Reciprocating Compressors

PROCESS GAS / API 618 Compressors


Type & Designs:

  • V-type, vertical, horizontal

  • Lube and non-lube design

  • Water cooled type

NEUMAN & ESSER process gas compressors meet the individual requirements and respective specifications. Heavy duty design is made in accordance to API 618 Standard which is suitable for all types of hydrogen mixed gases and hydrocarbon gases – even with corrosive and toxic components and high pressure.

NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) Non-API 618​ Reciprocating Compressors

Non-API 618 Compressors


Type & Design:

  • V-type and vertical

  • Non-lube design

  • Water cooled and non water cooled

Typical gas applications for the compressors include CO2, biogas and oxygen. The non-API 618 compressors meet all the necessary requirements for the chemical industry or food and beverage industry, such as CO2 re-liquefaction and compression of the bio-methane or other non heavy duty services.

NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) LNG-BOG Compressor for cryogenic applications
NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) LNG compressor
NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) LNG Bunkering Solutions

LNG Compressors

Type & design:

  • V-type, vertical, horizontal

  • Non lube design

  • Non cooled & cooled design depending on the application

Within the LNG process chain, NEA provides the best solutions for offshore as well as onshore applications. Special designs are available to reduce power consumption and highest efficiency.


  • NEA LNG BOG compressors are used to manage LNG boil-off gas even for critical LNG carrier offloading condition.

    • Inlet pressure 1.02 - 1.3 bar(a) (= BOG pressure)

    • Outlet pressure up to 11 bar(a)

    • Inlet temperature range: -160° to -90°C

  • Send-out compressors constantly boost vaporized natural gas for all medium and high pressure pipeline networks.

    • Outlet pressure range: approx. 20 to 110 bar(a)

    • Optional: inlet pressure = BOG pressure

    • Inlet temperature range: 20° to 40°C

  • LNG Fuel gas booster compressors delivers stabile and reliable pressure for high-efficient gas turbines at power plants..

    • 2-stroke engine: up to approx. 300 bar(a)

    • 4-stroke engine: up to approx. 8 bar(a)

    • Inlet temperature range: approx. -162° to -90°C


​In addition to equipments mentioned above, there are LNG solutions for mobile gas filling station.

NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA) Gas-tight crankcases

Gas-tight Crankcases

Special gas-tide crankcase design is available for vertical and v-type compressors. Selection will be foreseen depending on the application and the customer demands.

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